The Branson Town Company built this elegant little hotel in 1903, nine years before the town’s official incorporation, to accommodate for the Missouri Pacific Railroad line through the Roark Valley, which was completed in 1906. With the coming of the first railroad through Branson and the onset of progress, the hotel, which overlooks the town, was a meeting place for important people in Branson’s early history.  This grand establishment holds the honor of being the first hotel in Branson.

Harold Bell Wright stayed here while writing his famed novel “Shepherd of the Hills,” and the hotel housed the town’s first library. Near the intersection of Main Street and Business 65 in historic downtown Branson, the hotel has provided memories for past generations. It has been restored with great care to provide memories for you and future guests traveling through Branson. During your stay, we invite you to visit the glass case located at the front desk. Inside of this case, you will find a letter signed by Harold Wright, various editions of Shepherd of the Hills, and a postcard found in the wall during a recent remodel adding Backstage Wine Bar.

The Branson Hotel has witnessed the evolution of this vibrant city from its very inception. It saw the arrival of the first train, the growth of the entertainment industry, and the city’s transformation into a popular tourist destination. But amidst all these changes, the hotel has remained a constant, standing tall and proud, steadfastly preserving the essence of Branson’s yesteryears.

The hotel itself has undergone a series of transformations throughout the years. Despite this, it has managed to retain its historic character while embracing modernity. Today, the hotel offers weddings, boasts a beautiful veranda and bandstand, and serves as a charming piece of history right in the heart of the Historic Downtown District.

Each room at the Branson Hotel is a unique blend of history and comfort. From the décor to the furniture, every element has been thoughtfully curated to offer guests a glimpse into the past while providing all the comforts of the present. The hotel’s commitment to preserving its historical integrity while offering modern conveniences sets it apart from other establishments.

As you step into the Branson Hotel, you are not just entering a building; you are stepping into a living, breathing chapter of Branson’s history. Each visit offers an opportunity to connect with the past, to appreciate the journey that has shaped this city, and to create your own memories within these historic walls.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a nostalgic soul, or simply someone looking for a unique place to stay, the Branson Hotel invites you to experience a piece of Branson’s history. Come, be a part of the story that continues to unfold at the Historic Branson Hotel – a story as timeless as the hotel itself.


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