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To honor the history of our hotel, we have created a hotel room named Heritage. The room showcases timeless portraits of this historical masterpiece. Established in 1903, The Branson Hotel has inspired many famous people. Harold Bell Wright stayed here while writing his famed novel, Shepard of the Hills. Let this room inspire you as the memories of the past merge with making current memories that will last you a lifetime. The room offers warmth unlike any of our other rooms, rich in history and taste.

Queen bed located on the first floor.


Have you ever experienced the amazing peace that overtakes you as you gaze upon a herd of wild running horses? This hotel room does just that. We have captured the spirit of the horse, from the customized wagon-wheeled bed to the rich leathers—this room will please your senses and steal your heart while in Branson.

King bed located on the first floor.



Quiet Quilt

Quiet Quilt has an ambiance in its own entirety. Clean, crisp veils of white surround you as you embark on a relaxing retreat from the everyday world. This hotel room offers a feeling of peace, comfort, and purity. Filled with garden-inspired quilts and vintage household decor, this room just feels like home when visiting the Branson.

King bed located on the first floor.


With its rustic charm, this room is beyond cozy. Be taken by the handcrafted pine furniture, rich, vibrant colors, and the charm of the outdoors. Lose your troubles, keep the bare necessities, and come hibernate in the Hide-A-Way.

Queen bed on the second floor.


Buck Bungalow

This room at The Branson Hotel captures the different facets of the majestic buck. The decor and overall ambiance has a touch of the hunter and a touch of class. With its masculine appeal yet soft textures, this hotel room is great for anyone who appreciates the beauty of wildlife at its best.

King bed located on the second floor.


An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident is exactly what you will realize once you stumble across the beauty and comfort in all this hotel room has to offer. Bask in pure luxury and gorgeous views as day turns to night and the city sheds its light, embark on your journey of accidental good fortune during your Branson visit.

Queen bed located on the second floor.


Fishermans Cove

A Fisherman’s paradise awaits you in this hotel room. Yes, it’s all here….the bait, the tackle, the handcrafted stick bed, even rods, reels, and a fully stocked tackle box. You will never forget your stay in a room like this, even if you only like fishing. Did we mention your just a hop, skip, and a jump to Lake Taneycomo and the White River in Branson?

King bed located on the second floor.


The Notebook adheres to its name; the Notebook is full of inspiration at every turn. The Victorian-style furniture, stacks of books, historic oil-based lantern, and writer’s desk offer such a completely encompassing atmosphere. Whether you are a writer, poet, or just appreciate written art, this hotel room offers peace and serenity to all that visit during their stay in the Branson.

Queen bed located on the second floor.


Haven Suite

Our suite offers a place of rest and protection from the outside world and all its troubles. Screaming class and luxury, this room is filled with rich leathers and fabrics, an eccentric motif, and a touch of wildness. Seemingly perfect for those celebrating an anniversary or honeymooners, truthfully, this room will appeal to just about anyone. Deep espresso furniture brings contrast against the gleaming white bedding and beautiful chandelier. The room is designed to be a little modern, a little Vegas, a little 1940”s, and a whole lot of fun during your stay in Branson.

Queen bed on the second floor.


Experience the best of both worlds with our stunning Condo Lofts at The Branson Hotel. With high ceilings and an industrial feel, our lofts combine comfort and sophistication in a stylish setting. Sink into the plush seating while savoring a warm cup of coffee, or admire the incredible views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. From the luxurious bedding to the stunning decor, each detail has been carefully selected to offer you the ultimate indulgence and relaxation. Each of the lofts is unique and stylishly furnished with vintage finds and original art. With modern amenities at your fingertips, you can relax and recharge in style at The Branson Hotel’s Condo Lofts.


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